Why Trevi?

Why Trevi?

We know you want to be sure of the partners you choose on this journey. Is one reason all you were looking for? We like you, so here’s six!

1) Designed for you

By focusing exclusively on the education sector, we are able to conduct comprehensive field research to understand what problems to look for in a particular project and how to solve for them. We always look at where the products will be located and how the students will use them.

2) We recommend High-Quality Materials

We always recommend the use of High Quality materials because the properties of the material play a major role in determining the durability and life of any piece of furniture. In our case, we recommend High Grade Mild Steel (MS) and Premium grade plywood.

3) Industry Leading Manufacturing Process

The other factor that plays a major role in the quality and durability of furniture is the manufacturing process. Without an effective manufacturing process, even the best of materials fail to exhibit their true potential. The three highlights of our process are our in-house lamination machine, edge banding machine and CNC mill. We use the lamination machine and edge banding machine because we can achieve higher quality by procuring laminates and plywood separately and then combining them in-house.

4) On-time Delivery

We can guarantee On-Time Delivery because all our products are designed to be assembled onsite and shipped in low volume packages. This means that our products are first manufactured in their constituent pieces by our team and then shipped flat-packed to the installation site.

5) Experienced Leadership

There is no team that can succeed without direction, and who better to lead and direct than a veteran team. We are managed by team that has been in the furniture business collectively for more than two decades. This means that we have both the experience and the vision to achieve whatever demands you may have.

6) Great Client List

If you still have doubts, then look at our client-list. If you like what we’ve done for them, then come to us and we are sure that we will all part ways satisfied.