About Us

At Trevi, we want to help each Educational Institution create a campus that represents its ideals. We have understood how difficult it is to have an educational institution’s furniture needs be met by traditional manufacturers. We also know where the traditional manufacturer may fail to deliver, since we have more than 25 years of collective experience in this field. This is why we created Trevi, a furniture manufacturer meant exclusively for schools, colleges and other educational institutions three years ago.

We envision Trevi as the leading manufacturer for School and Classroom furniture.With Trevi, Institutions will finally be able to seek someone out to attend to their functional needs and Brand aspirations. And by catering to these needs, we believe we can help solve all the problems that plague them.

Our Philosophy


Trevi believes in Active Comfort. Active Comfort allows you to stay attentive while being comfortable. This is a departure from conventional school and college wisdom that comfort causes a lapse in attention. While furniture designed with idle comfort in mind is meant to let you relax and unwind, active comfort furniture is meant to allow you to pay attention while being in the most comfortable position you can be in.

We find that the industry standard particle board lacks both durability and strength. But as Indians, we understand the desire for products that last a lifetime. Because of this we choose to use premium grade plywood and procure Laminates separately. With this in mind, we have an in-house laminating machine that presses the laminates and ply sheets together offering unparalleled quality.


Strength and Beauty are qualities human beings always aspire to. Our products are the embodiment of these aspirations. They are meant to be durable and strong while being of superlative beauty. Quality of material means nothing without machines that do it justice. So, we use precision German and Belgian machinery like edge banders and 3 axis CNCs to manufacture our products. We pride ourselves in the beauty and strength of our products.

Customisation is key to successfully adopting a product in a particular setting. We understand this and offer customisation in colour, finish and sizes to match the requirements of your campus.


The India-centric Design Approach is a design philosophy that believes that Indians have unique needs that cannot be fully satisfied by global design solutions. The main problem stems from a lack of space in schools and the fact that we have many more students per class than in most other parts of the world.These problems can be solved for by creating new designs keeping “Indian-ness” in mind. We also believe in the creation of several unique designs that can resonate with the philosophy of each college or school.