Our Office range of furniture for administrative offices, departments, and functions, is designed to provide comfort and functionality without compromising on simplicity.

Admin Series

Our Admin series is designed to be comfortable to use even for extended periods, while still being of a simple and sturdy design.

Conference Series

Active comfort is not just for students. Our conference room furniture is designed to be active comfortable for those long meetings that are vital to an institution.

Shape Builder Series

Our Shape Builder range is designed to be arranged in multiple ways to facilitate the various modes of instruction and discussion employed.

Discussion Series

The discussion range of furniture pieces have been designed with informal discussions in mind. The shapes and forms are familiar, thus encouraging use and increasing comfort.

Executive Series

Our premium range of office furniture is designed to have a calm but absolute presence in the office it is located. Meant for the people who command respect from everyone around them and believe in the beauty of simple elegance.

Reception Series

Our range of reception and front desk furniture is designed to have an inviting atmosphere without compromising on elegance and class.