Our classroom range of educational furniture is designed to embody the principles of active comfort while being inspired by simple shapes and curves, drawing from the heart of modernism.

Compact Series

Good things come in small packages. This range may be sized down to accommodate more in less space, but they are not short on aesthetic and comfort.

Lite Series

Our most lightly designed range, it offers the greatest level of simple aesthetic while keeping comfort and functionality intact.

Metric Series

This range echoes its inspiration – geometry. Pure geometry and simple colour schemes make a seamless range of products that everyone will find engaging.

Mono Series

The Mono range captures the sense of unity in a well-designed structure – it’s inspiration. This range is where each design feels like one complete whole.

Pureply Series

Our range of products that bring out the best in ply. This range is centred around the aesthetic and properties of ply.

Tilt Series

Our Tilt range is centred around the design of corners with angles other than 90°. The aesthetic formed as a result commands the attention of observers within the environment where it is located.

Table+Chair Series

The Combined Series has been conceived to provide table and chair units that follow a common design theme and work well with each other.

Classic Series

Our Classic range is designed to embody functional simplicity with a touch of modernism and a dash of elite aesthetic.

Wire Series

Our Wire range features mesh surfaces. The inspiration for this aesthetic is the sense of transparency that education fosters.

Board Series

Our boards series provides is a range of classroom accessories that can be used to write on which is the case with white boards, and can also be used to stick things on which is the case with soft boards.